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Rules and Regulations

Recently, the Washington Examiner wrote a story about the importance of checking local rules on egress windows before beginning renovations. Egress windows are: “windows that big enough and low enough so that occupants can escape through the opening in an emergency, such as a fire. In the United States, exact specifications for emergency windows in…read more

Design Trends

After your remodeling project is complete, you may feel relief, excitement and renewed pride in your renovated home. And, after the dust has settled (literally) and you begin to live your remodeled space, you may notice some of the following items. Many of these changes occur due to seasonal changes, fluctuations in your home’s temperature…read more

Inside Merrick

Merrick Design and Build has hired Chase Rodgers, a summer intern, to work as the Business Manager. Chase will perform bookkeeping, human resources tasks and work on a variety of office projects. Chase, who is a Florida native, attends the University of Florida and is studying General Business with a minor in Accounting. Read the…read more

Design Trends

Here’s some great news: things are really changing in the world of lighting. New trends and technologies are emerging to make your choices greater and your energy usage lower – the best of both worlds. We recently enjoyed a visit from our lighting rep, who gave a terrific presentation and we wanted to pass along…read more