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A Detailed Guide to Kitchen Cabinets by: Addie Merrick-Phang If you are looking into a kitchen remodel you may have done one of two things; scanned through ideas on the internet or visited a cabinet showroom. More than likely you have encountered fancy terms that are challenging to comprehend. Who has ever heard of a European…read more

Design Trends

It is All About the Work Zones! by Addie Merrick-Phang    The standard in kitchen planning has been “The Triangle” for decades, and it has served us well! Keeping the placement of the fridge, sink and cook top just a pivot away has cut down on foot traffic in kitchens without most chefs even realizing…read more

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What you need to review with your Contractor before construction begins by Addie Merrick-Phang   A remodel can, at the very least, be stressful. At its worst it can be a complete nightmare but there’s good news, it does not have to be! Having open communication with your contractor from the very start will eliminate…read more