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An outline of the 5 most common types of fence currently on the market today. When you’re trying to choose the perfect fence, there’s a lot to think about, from how much privacy you want to what will best complement your home. Carefully consider the fence’s durability, how it will impact curb appeal, weather resilience, overall…read more

The chill of another winter has arrived in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas, and the signs are abundant. Heavy coats are very much in fashion, and quite often you can see your breath. Hopefully, the signs indicating that it’s cold remain outside. Certain signs that you notice inside your home — such as freezing…read more

Sea pearl quartz

Five quick kitchen upgrades you can get done before this Thanksgiving without necessarily spending a lot of dough. With the holidays right around the corner you maybe wishing you had an updated kitchen for entertaining. However, the average kitchen remodel can take 2-3 months and you do not have that kind of time left before…read more

Major summer storms are incredibly vigorous and dangerous. From a hurricane to a tornado, these storms can cause severe damage to homes, landscaping, commercial properties and anything that lies in their path — potentially endangering you and your loved ones. Make Lists Prior to a major summer storm, you will want to make several lists,…read more

Eat in kitchen area with puppy

You love your home. Your kids love your home. Everyone loves your home. Yet, as your kids grow, your extended family grows, more friends visit and holiday meals become tighter, you need to create more space – and may need to do it within your home’s existing footprint. For most of our clients, not only…read more

When it comes to roofs, many homeowners do not have a clear understanding of one of the most important aspects of their home. Does this sound like you? To assist, our friends in at Severe Weather Roofing, In Denver, CO, have created an info-graphic to help completely demystify your roof. Your home’s value and strength are based on the sum…read more

Don’t rip your hair out, let Merrick’s Handyman team help you get organized this season. Starting with this list! 1. Give your entry a face lift Replace your front door. It’s the first thing your guests see and a new door will help to keep out the winter drafts. An added bonus, replacing your entry…read more

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“The Highs and Lows of the 3 Most Popular DIY projects for your Remodel” DIY, or Do-It-Yourself, is a popular approach that is sweeping the renovating industry. Like most things, DIY projects have their positive highs and the negative lows. The DIY trend is motivating and encouraging many homeowners to take action and improve their…read more

10 Things You Need to Know About Cambria Maintenance Cambria backs each surface with a lifetime warranty. For customer support contact: 1-866-CAMBRIA Maintaining Cambria counter tops is easy. Simply wash with a soft cotton cloth and warm water, using a mild soap if desired. Facts about Cambria Cambria is pure natural quartz. Variation in the…read more

  Your home is your most valuable asset and deciding whether or not to remodel it is a huge decision. The choice between renovating your existing home and moving up is racked with questions. Will you find a new home that fits all of your needs and your style? Will you like your new neighbors…read more