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Merrick Design & Build Inc. is looking for new team members. We need experienced Lead Carpenters to work in our Design Build Department. As a Merrick Carpenter you will be responsible for interacting with customers, managing subcontractors and collecting your own materials. A wide background and general skills is a must. You will need a…read more

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There is always a new gimmick or fancy product on the kitchen scene. Some of them are worth the price, others, not so much. With over 25 years in the business we think these 5 kitchen upgrades are more than a passing trend and are well worth the splurge. 1. The Drawer Microwave We are…read more

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Your home is your greatest asset and choosing to renovate is a multi-tiered decision. Will you add on, renovate what’s existing, or tear down and build a brand new home? Will you need financing? And most importantly of all, who will you trust to design and build your project? It’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics and costs of a…read more

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“Lately I have seen several articles referencing questionable practices/budgets on Home Remodeling reality shows. I used to be obsessed with watching them. I love what I do and love seeing other people’s work. This past weekend I spent some time flipping through my old favorites, but I found the longer I watched the more agitated…read more

Bathrooms will be one of the most popular remodeling projects in 2016 and we at Merrick Design and Build anticipate a few key bathroom trends will dominate the scene in 2016. Take a look and find the perfect trends to incorporate in your upcoming remodel. The Color Gray The color gray is the new trend…read more

The NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) has just published their predictions for the “Top 10 Kitchen trends” of 2016. They have based their predictions on popular trends from 2015 that they think will continue to increase in popularity over the upcoming year. Here at Merrick we have found that most of these trends are right…read more

The word “process” has a bad rap. “Creativity,” on the other hand, sounds exciting and free. Yet, when bound together, these two efforts make a beautiful marriage.   They balance and support each other and make for smooth, yet exciting remodeling projects. Don’t we all long for that?   During the next several months, we’ll…read more

Occasionally homeowners change their minds and sometimes Designers make mistakes. After all, each of us is human! But when that happens, Merrick is usually left with an extra fixture. They clutter up our warehouse and dig into our cash flow. So bi-annually we donate these items to Community Forklift, a local non-profit organization that helps to recycle construction…read more

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What you need to review with your Contractor before construction begins by Addie Merrick-Phang A remodel can, at the very least, be stressful. At its worst it can be a complete nightmare but there’s good news, it does not have to be! Having open communication with your contractor from the very start will eliminate many…read more

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A 1920 DC Bungalow Before and After By, Addie Merrick-Phang   Not everyone is dying to take on a fixer upper, but Jarid’s 1920’s Bungalow in NW DC wasn’t just any old house. This home had been passed down from generation to generation. His childhood memories centered around the home and he wanted his children…read more