Addie Merrick-Phang, CR

My Story

Addie is a creative individual who enjoys solving problems in unexpected ways! She loves that every day her job, as Director of Administration, provides her with a new challenge or opportunity to showcase her creative personality. What makes working at Merrick so rewarding for Addie? More than just the pleasure of working for the family business, she values being a member of a team of like-minded individuals. “Anytime I get to make a client’s life a little better I go home happy.” Never having to worry about something not being quite right, Addie knows that she can rely on her team to consult with. “My family extends beyond those with the last name Merrick.”

Merrick Design and Build was founded before she was two years old so she grew up around the remodeling industry. Some of her favorite childhood photos are those of  her in her ruffled onesie pajamas mixing cement or helping her Dad with a drywall repair. The carpenters were “Uncle Mikey” and “Uncle Dickey.” So coming on board just seemed like the natural thing for her to do. Coming to work for her father was not an easy task to do! On her first day she came to the office and he said, “Ok, you want to work here? What is the most undesirable job I can think of? If you can stick that out I guess you are serious.” After getting dirty painting on the job, scanning old files for 6 months and enrolling in Architecture and Construction Management classes  at Montgomery College, Addie had finally proven that she was serious and was more than grateful for the opportunity to do so. Once she got her hands on the Home Repair Department she was on cloud nine. She took this as the opportunity to mold a service department into a tangible and successful branch of the business. Now, in addition to overseeing the Home Repair Department and working as the Director of Administration, she also handles the Marketing plan and customer service calls.

After purchasing her first home in early 2014 she truly learned to value the needs of the customer as she too is a homeowner with many renovations to be done!

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