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4 Important Considerations When Choosing Bathroom Vanities

4 Important Considerations When Choosing A New Bathroom Vanity  

From utilitarian to ornate, many types of bathroom vanities run the gamut — and the only rule to remember is that your choice should reflect your style. If you want to mix high tech with traditional, or sleek contemporary with rustic, it’s perfectly acceptable. In fact, mixing designs for a charming eclectic look is trendy.

However, there are four basic considerations to address when planning your new bath space or embarking on a renovation:

  1. Define Your Stylevanity

Styles today are difficult to characterize. The best of today’s vanities have the look and quality of fine furniture, whether they’re sleek and modern, country French, rustic or high tech. Legs are trendy, and they can be short, or long and curvy. If you’re replacing an older vanity, consider redoing your floors as well to allow for this new look.

It’s no longer necessary or expected to match your bathroom to the style of your home. Nor is it necessary that a bath vanity match any other cabinets in the house. In fact, the most stylish design trend is to infuse each bath with its own personality. Think about creating a personal spa retreat for the master bath and making the family bathroom efficient and adaptable with ample storage and convenience features.

Then, give your imagination free rein in a powder room where you can be as dramatic as you please, even a bit daring. This is the place to choose Euro-tech, with a clear glass vessel and a striking faucet on top of a sculptural vanity cabinet. With a crisp, dramatic color scheme and unexpected pendant lights, you’ll make a clear statement.


  1. Color or FinishTV in the bathroom

Vanities no longer have to fade into the background. If you love vibrant color, go ahead and choose a painted vanity or one fashioned from bright laminate. Semi-exotic woods and bamboo make dramatic vanity cabinets, particularly for a powder room or master bath. Distressed or antique finishes can be stylish, as are a rainbow of stained finishes, even black.


  1. Size MattersTaratus bath 3

Generally, vanities accomplish two goals in a bathroom: provide storage and hide plumbing. Today, however, the trend is toward a “lighter look.” Vanities are shrinking, shedding “weight” in favor of more space. Open shelving and baskets can be used to store everything from nail polish and cotton balls to towels and toilet tissue. Letting the pipes show is also trendy. Think about minimizing the impact of your vanity, and place the emphasis on style and accessories. In many baths, even the traditional tiled backsplash has disappeared, and wall-to-wall mirrors give way to smaller, framed versions.


  1. Be Aware of CostAnnas Master bath 4

Budgets are always a consideration, but with the range of styles available from manufacturers and custom cabinet makers, it should not be difficult to find a bathroom vanity that will mesh with your design sense as well as be easy on your budget. One thing is certain: This is the age of individual choice, with no strict style rules to abide by. Look for a vanity that will meet your needs in terms of style and space, but don’t settle for a vanity that doesn’t appeal to your aesthetic sense. Remember, it’s your house and what you really love should rule!


As you’re planning that new bath space, though, remember that the type of bathroom vanity may be the focal point, but you will want to consider the total impact of the bath. Choose fixtures and faucets, colors and finishes, and some artful accessories that will make your bathroom a functional and beautiful space, whether you have a hurried grooming routine in the morning or a relaxing spa experience in the evening. The bath spaces must work well in your home and for your family —that’s the important goal!



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