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5 Kitchen Upgrades you can do Right Now

Five quick kitchen upgrades you can get done before this Thanksgiving without necessarily spending a lot of dough.

With the holidays right around the corner you maybe wishing you had an updated kitchen for entertaining. However, the average kitchen remodel can take 2-3 months and you do not have that kind of time left before Thanksgiving. But there are plenty of kitchen upgrades you can do right now that could transform your kitchen well before you need to start thawing your turkey.

1.New Pendant Lighting,

Lighting is key in the kitchen and needs to be both inviting and practical. Pendant lights brings lighting in closer to your work areas while also helping to highlight the style of your kitchen. If yours are out of date they could be dating the whole feel of your kitchen.  This kitchen update can be completed in under a day and does not have to break the bank. For example, this light is on trend and budget friendly at only $64 a light. Find it here, at

a new pendant light one of many easy kitchen upgrades

2. Swapping out your Counter Tops,

Your counter tops take up a large amount of visual space in your kitchen. Swapping them out is an easy kitchen upgrade that will make a huge impact. A top that is too dark can make your space feel small and a chipping or peeling laminate can make the whole room feel grungy. Granite comes in every color of the rainbow and slab prices vary based on availability. Engineered quartz products such as, Silestone, have also increased in popularity in recent years.  If you want to be a trend setter consider a natural quartzite slab, like the one in the kitchen featured below, it has all the durability of the engineered products and all the organic beauty of a natural stone. It’s easy to find the right surface to match your existing kitchen and budget by working with a skilled designer. Remember while the install of your new tops will only take a few hours fabrication can take a couple weeks. So you will need to make a move quickly if you want new tops before November 24th.

quartzite island top one of many easy kitchen upgrades

3. Add or Update your Backsplash

A tile backsplash is easier to maintain than a painted wall especially behind busy work zones like the kitchen sink or range. But the white grout that was popular just a few years ago ages and discolors quickly. If yours is looking spotty consider undertaking this kitchen update A skilled tile setter can install a new splash in just a few days and it’s easier to find stock tile than you might think. White subway tile will look fresh years down the road and the current trend for gray grout won’t get dingy like white will.

gray grout on white subway tile a one of many easy kitchen upgrades

4. New Barstools

Let’s face it everyone ends up in the kitchen! Your old barstools probably show it. With all the traffic your kitchen will be getting this season you may want to swap them out, and for this project you don’t even need to hire a professional to execute this kitchen upgrade.  Check out Holland Bar Stools for a wide range of options.

blue bar stools one of many easy kitchen upgrades

5. Swap out your Switch Plates.

These things get grimy fast! They are a dead give away for the age of your kitchen and it’s something most people don’t even notice about their own homes. Toss out your old plastic switch plate and outlets covers and upgrade to new metal ones, only a few cents at home depot or bring in a professional electrician to upgrade your outlets and switches at the same time. Lutron Designer Screwless Plates look sleek and are easy to clean. You can even upgrades to outlets that have a slot for your USB chargers. Depending on how my plugs you have an electrician can complete this kitchen upgrade in a day or so.

traditional switch plate vs screwless one of many easy kitchen upgrades



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