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5 Proven Ways to Create Space Within Your Home’s Footprint

You love your home. Your kids love your home. Everyone loves your home. Yet, as your kids grow, your extended family grows, more friends visit and holiday meals become tighter, you need to create more space – and may need to do it within your home’s existing footprint.

For most of our clients, not only do they love their homes, they also love its location, its (likely) appreciated value and its central role in their lives. Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of families in the DC metro area looking for space within their homes and relied on proven ways to get the job done.

So, keep your home, and consider these ways to create more space within its four walls.


#1: Open Up Your Living Spaces


Open floor plans make a huge difference in the perception of space in a home. Sure, you still only have the same square footage you started out with, but you can create spaciousness and a flow that makes your home seem much larger.  For example, this spacious living room used to consist of four tiny rooms.


#2: Develop Dual-Use OptionsEat in kitchen area with puppy

Many of our clients’ remodeled rooms have dual- or multi-usage. After all, plenty of people cook and eat in their kitchens. There’s no reason not combine the use of your laundry room with a pantry area by installing some functional cabinets during your home remodeling project.


#3: Get Year-Round Use out of a Part-Time Outdoor SpacePlenty of space to move around in Diana's new kitchen.

This kitchen used to be a a screened in porch! Porches can also be remodeled into into a year-round sun room or guest bedroom. Install large windows, allowing natural light to flood the space and promoting continued great views of your yard. For your interior design, rely on natural wood and fabrics to foster an “outdoor” feeling.


#4: Finally Finish Your Basement or AtticJudith's Media Room

Is your basement unfinished? Consider creating a guest suite or entertaining space. Once your children grow into adults, they can reside in this space when they visit. For your unfinished attic, consider remodeling it into a giant home office, kid’s bedroom, living room or yoga studio.


#5: Create Workable Storage OptionsDeborahs thumbnail

Clutter (of both large or small items) can be a common reason homeowners run out of space. But, don’t pack your bags yet. Create built-ins units for storage, expand your closets or a build storage room. You may even consider building storage space above your garage, if feasible.


Finding space within your home’s footprint may seem challenging or even impossible, but often times, it’s within reach. Using proven methods – and sometimes an unconventional method or two – you can find the space you and your family need.

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