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Remodeling Tips, Guides and Lessons learned for over 25 year experiences renovating in Montgomery County and NW DC

Expanding a Kitchen with out an Addition (A Remodeling Case Study)
Beth loved her 1930’s Brick Colonial, but hated its tiny kitchen.  It was  dark, hard to clean, lacked storage and counter space making it difficult for even one cook to use.  She needed a full ...
How to Remodel Your Home for an Open Concept (A Project Case Study)
Anne came to us with one main goal: improve the flow of her home. She wanted an open concept floor plan. The house consisted of closed-off rooms that lacked functionality. She hoped improving the ...
Americans Are Living Longer
The average life expectancy in America today is higher than in any other period in history. More specifically, data from a United Nations report shows that the number of people 65 years and older ...