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Merrick Design and Build has completed multiple kitchen remodeling projects over the years and one of the most memorable was for an “empty nester” couple living in the DC metro area. Their main focus for their kitchen was entertaining and their remodel occurred after the couple had made the conscious decision to, more often than not, stay home rather than eating out and hire a professional chef to cook for them and their guests.

Nancy, the Merrick Design and Build kitchen and bath designer, shares insight on this “entertaining kitchen” project:

Tell us about the residents in the home: They were a retired couple who entertained friends and other contacts quite often.

What prompted them to remodel? They wanted a space that would easily and graciously host their friends and provide the necessary items the professional chef would employ during his “main event” cooking at their dinner parties. They also wanted countertop space that would be used to set out and serve food.

What lifestyle changes or improvements did they hope to bring about through their project? This couple wanted to create a space where they could eat and entertain in style in lieu of going to restaurants or the country club.

How long had they been considering their remodel? They had been considering the remodel for several years and decided to make it happen after doing research on products and other contractors. They also obtained ideas from the chef who would be cooking for them regarding his needs in preparing gourmet meals.

Prior to their remodel, did they see friends’ homes where their type of project had been completed? To my knowledge, this was their own vision.

What were some of the challenges they faced during their project? It was a pretty smooth job. The existing structure was an eat-in kitchen and laundry room that was merged to create the new kitchen and the laundry room was recreated in part of the garage.

What did they like about remodeling? The really loved seeing island, the two sinks and the lighting. They were also happy to see the daily progress unfold as their new kitchen came to life.

What was their happiest moment regarding their project? Picking all of the appliances: there were two Sub-Zeros, two freezers, a wine captain, a warming drawer, a six burner cooktop and a freestanding ice maker, just to name a few!

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