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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Summer

As the summer months heat up, we’ll spend more time indoors, so now is a great time to improve your indoor air quality. Here are a few tips to achieve your quest for cleaner air:

  • Properly ventilate your attic and crawl spaces to prevent moisture build–up.
  • Keep a healthy level of humidity. Dust mites and mold love moisture. Keeping indoor humidity around 30%-50% helps keep them and other allergens under control. Air conditioners reduce the indoor pollen count – another plus for allergy sufferers.
  • Keep your floors clean by vacuuming and mopping up dirt to reduce the dust and chemicals in your home. Also, use an entry mat to trap dirt from shoes or, even better, ask all residents and visitors to remove their shoes in the foyer.
  • Avoid synthetic air fresheners. You might associate a lemony or piney scent with a clean kitchen or clean clothes, but synthetic fragrances in laundry products and air fresheners emit dozens of different chemicals into the air. Conventional fabric softeners, dryer sheets and air fresheners may also release such gasses.
  • Carefully seal paints, solvents, pesticides and chemicals of any kind in your home. Keep quantities to a minimum and, whenever possible, keep these items stored in your garage or shed.

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