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Industrial Master Bath Make Over (From Drab to Fab)

view from tubFor this bathroom remodel it was out with the old and in with the rusty? That’s right, we took this bath from 1980’s to industrial chic.

Design Goals

Having worked with us previously on a previous remodel the client trusted us to take her 1980’s master bath from drab to glam. She wanted an industrial vibe and a tub with a view out the window.  The design also needed to include an enlarged shower that, unlike the existing, would not leak into the foyer below.

Out with the Old

The original bathroom was floor to ceiling tile, had a leaking, closed in shower and an oversized jacuzzi tub that no longer worked. All of the tile was installed over drywall, even in the shower. This made for easy demo, but explained the leaking shower. The tub was cut into 4 pieces to get it down the stairs and out of the home. The only piece of the original bathroom we repurposed was the medicine cabinets. Building Code no longer allows for recesses in exterior walls, but by reusing the original we were able to grandfather them in and save this storage space. Although we squeezed through permitting, we still decided to build this wall out an inch to allow room for ridged foam insulation behind the cabinets and lavatory sink water lines.

In with the new

After the installation of a new Advantech sub-floor and some minor framing repairs, we were able to begin putting things back together. The new shower is twice the size of the original, but with the glass enclosure it takes up less visual space.  The custom shower door, provided by Perfect Glass Works, was designed with an extra panel to the right of the door to allow for a large door that would not bump into the tub, which is the true focal point of the room. A large tub that Daisy could escape to was the top design goal. The brick tile accent wall draws the eye all the way through the bathroom, highlighting her new slipper tub.

Industrial Vibes

The brick wall creates that warehouse, industrial feel which we carried throughout the bathroom. The vanity was selected to mimic an old warehouse work bench and the lime washed tile resembles a concrete floor. The simple gooseneck faucets and matte subway tile continue the industrial vibe. Beige paint is the perfect warm neutral to pull it all together. For more information on paint visit,

Design Meets Function

bathroom layoutWhile we wanted the look of a turn of the century warehouse, we knew we needed better lighting. Recessed lights were added over the shower, tub and toilet, and the trims were replaced on the original recessed fixtures over the vanity. A Panasonic whisper 110CFM fan with light was added and vented to the exterior for additional lighting and air circulation. We also wanted to ensure that this bathroom can last 100 years, just like an old warehouse. The 12×24 floor tiles were set on a Schluter membrane in a 1/3 offset pattern to prevent cracking. The Acrylic shower pan by Oceania is set in a layer of thin set for firm footing. Unlike Daisy’s original bath, the wall tile is all set on Cement board to prevent leaks and ensure a strong hold.











Looking Forward

industrial styled bathWe have designed and built this industrial bath to last Daisy for decades to come. She is so pleased with the results we are already working on designs for her powder room.

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