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Seven realities you need to understand before remodeling your home.

There is one comic that I always think about when I prepare one of our Homeowners for a remodel. The character has a choice to make between burning for eternity or living in their home while it is being remodeled.

Comparing a home renovation to burning for all eternity is an exaggeration but it sends a very clear message. Living in your home while it is being remodeled is not just going to be uncomfortable it is going to be traumatic. There is no getting around that even with the best contractor out there. Now before I turn you off remodeling forever there are ways to make the experience tolerable.

The obvious ones which I have written about in previous blogs include, carefully vetting your contractor, discussing job parameters before job start, and making all your selections in advance.

The not so obvious solution is to be realistic in your expectation of the process and I am hoping this post will help with that. In my experience I have found that seven key realities hold true for all remodels. Understanding and accepting these realities will be helpful whether you are choosing to live in your home or to move out for the duration of your project.

  1. For the duration of your home remodel your home belongs to your Contractor not you. They will need access to every room at random and unaccepted times. For example, a small hole may be needed in the foyer to run electrical wire from your panel to the new bathroom.
  2. There is no containing dust. While we use a heppa air scrubber to keep our job site cleaner dust is an inescapable reality of remodeling.
  3. Trust is key. You have hired a professional, made your selections now let them do their job. Some steps may seem odd or out of sync to the untrained eye. Your contractor may choose to do things differently than your neighbors contractor. It’s important to remember that you hired us to do a job, that we have been around the block a few times, and that we are not going anywhere until the job is done right.
  4. Things break! Remove valuables in any room that your contractor will be walking through.  Carrying 8’ pieces of lumber in around your flat screen is a recipe for disaster. Art and photos should also be removed from walls throughout your home. Your home will flex as old walls are demolished and new ones are added. Things can fall off the walls even if they are on an entirely separate floor.
  5. Dirt happens! Unless you have a direct exit to the outside from every work area you will end up with the occasional dusty footprint in areas nowhere near the work site.
  6. Expect the unexpected. At some point during your remodel your contractor is most likely going to find something that was done wrong by a previous contractor or that no longer meets code and needs to be upgraded.
  7. Rough in will always seem like a never ending disaster. When you’re not use to visualizing spaces that aren’t there it easy to get disheartened by this phase. Things are opened up and messy while it doesn’t appear like much is happening. Framers, electricians, plumbers are all hard at work it’s just hard to appreciate the things behind the wall.


Don’t let these realities bring you down. There is a shiny newly remodeled home at the end of the tunnel. Once the job is done all the dust can be wiped off, your pictures can be hung back on the wall and you won’t be able to tell where your contractor had to correct that unexpected problem. Trust in your contractor and let go of the reins we are here to run the process so you don’t have to and if you can move out for the project do so.

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