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The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Holiday Kitchen

Does that sound like your kitchen? Then ask yourself these questions to redesign a Beautifully Wonderful and Delightful Kitchen for the next Holiday Season.

Although your kitchen made it through Thanksgiving, it’s time for those Hanukkah Latkes, followed by the Christmas Goose, Kwanzaa Mazoa, and many more of your family’s traditional holiday favorites.  It seems like just yesterday you were rotating five casserole dishes in your too small oven.  Wait, that was yesterday!  Too late this year to change things in your kitchen now but while you’re baking those last ten dozen cookies, why not reflect on this year’s overall cooking experience and compile a list of next year’s kitchen remodeling must haves.

  • Do you have enough space in your existing kitchen to do the things you wish?
  • What’s missing from my existing kitchen?
  • Do I need to move any walls around?
  • Is this a project I want to handle myself or will I need professional help?
  • When do I want to get started and when would I like it finished by?

White kitchen with red appliances

Granted, you don’t cook a Thanksgiving dinner every day but you must admit, someone is always in your way.  Whether it’s your darling 3 year old who wants to help, to that handsome fella who is “just grabbing a snack”, there simply isn’t enough room.  Today’s busy families are doing away with that traditional formal dining room and opting for a more casual family kitchen. Whether you tear down a wall, or just half of it, creating an open sight line to the family table makes helping with homework much easier.

Our Kitchen Designer will be working with you from start to finish, with an experienced Lead Carpenter and Production Manager building and supervising your kitchen’s rebirth.

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Happy Holidays from the Team at Merrick Design and Build!

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