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New Trends in Lighting

Here’s some great news: things are really changing in the world of lighting. New trends and technologies are emerging to make your choices greater and your energy usage lower – the best of both worlds.

We recently enjoyed a visit from our lighting rep, who gave a terrific presentation and we wanted to pass along this information:

  1. LEDs are changing the lighting scene. The letters “LED” stand for light-emitting diode. The light-emitting diode creates light when electrons move through a semiconductor material, causing tiny light sources to become illuminated. Since LEDs do not scatter light and energy, they are more light and energy efficient than incandescent and compact fluorescent light. By adopting LED lighting in the U.S., we could see major savings to the tune of billions of dollars and substantially reduce electricity demand. Developers are working to make the light brighter, as LED lighting is suited to task lighting and not effective for general or ambient lighting. Currently, LED lights are more expensive that traditional lights, however, LEDs will last much longer than incandescents or even CFLs, making them less costly in the long run.
  2. New shapes and proportions are making an appearance. Arc lamps have gained an edge over other floor lamps, which is due in part to the popularity of sectional sofas and in part because of the mid-century modern look. You may have also seen taller shades and squat bases as the prevalent look in table lamps. In the bedroom, the popularity of platform beds has resulted in the popularity of this look, and these new lamps emphasize the shade and look substantial because of that emphasis.
  3. Different materials and textures are being used. Gone is the resinous and plastic look that was used everywhere. Metal, glass and crystal are now used for lamp bases and distressed finishes give a textured look. Brass seems to be coming back and antique finishes, along with polished nickel and copper, are popular.  These trends are fostering a more handmade look, as opposed to a factory made look.

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