Pepco’s Residential Energy Rebate Programs are Still Available in Maryland

A few years ago, residential energy rebate programs abounded. Today, many programs have come to an end or run out of funding, but the good news is that several programs are still available for Maryland residents.

Here’s a list of Pepco programs that offer money back on various remodeling improvements, appliance purchases and others home-related items:

Maryland Pepco Home Energy Audits
– Pepco is currently offering a wonderful deal: for only $100, they will perform a comprehensive energy audit of your home. Having an audit is a precondition for several rebate programs, and from a practical standpoint, it makes a ton of sense to understand how your house uses and wastes energy. I had my audit on October 10th and recommend you that schedule yours to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

After you receive your energy audit, call us to review your results. Your auditor will provide a list of recommendations and we can help make sense of their confusing report and discuss your repair and upgrade solutions. Once you complete the recommended home improvements, you can enjoy energy savings of 20% (or more) and receive up to $1200 in rebates.

Maryland Pepco Appliance Rebate Program – Save energy and money with these rebates, including a $50 refrigerator rebate.

Maryland Pepco Lighting Rebate Program – Change a lightbulb to use less energy, save more money and improve the environment!

Maryland Pepco HVAC Rebate Program – This program offers two rebates, plus ongoing energy savings, with Pepco’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) efficiency program.

Maryland Pepco Energy Wise Rewards Program Energy Wise Rewards is a new way for you to take more control over your energy usage, save money on energy costs and take a step towards a greener lifestyle.

Take advantage of these programs and don’t miss out on the free money! If you have any questions or comments, reach me today at (301) 946-2356 or

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