Allison’s Functional Bath

Project: Allison’s Functional Bath

Bethesda, MD, Bathroom Remodel - $50,000

tub & Shower
double vanity
undermount tub

Allison’s master had enough space, and it was still relatively new, but it was not a very functional bath. This is a common problem in new homes. Often these homes have all of the features, but they aren’t in a style or layout the homeowners need or like. The original oversized corner tub and small shower stall did not fit her family’s lifestyle. The beige decor also felt a little flat and needed a boost of color. Together with Merrick, Allison reworked the bathroom to improve its look, feel, and function. The result is a stunning new functional bath that differs drastically from the old bath.

The shower stall was removed and replaced with a custom tile shower that is double the size of the original. Allison still has a large soaking tub, but the new one is undermounted. The new tub is easier to clean, and the tub deck extends into the shower to create a seat. This is just one way to add style and function to the bathroom.

We traded the beige color palette for a more modern gray/blue design. We kept the tile and cabinets classic and neutral in are varying shades off gray and white. A bright shade of blue on the walls brings Allison’s personal style to the space and will be easy to change if she ever tires of it. The classic subway tile, shower, and tub surround are timeless, and the quartz vanity top and tub deck are stain and chip resistant.

Between the functional layout, durable selection, and classic design choices, Allison will feel like she has a new bath for years to come.