Dave’s Pirateship Playhouse

Project: Dave’s Pirateship Playhouse

, Special Project - $35,000


David Merrick
Addie Merrick-Phang

We would love to see this being enjoyed by a gaggle of junior pirates, but our beloved pirate ship playhouse is currently sitting unsold in TW Perry’s lot. We are asking for a donation of $5,000 to the charity of the purchasers choice for this one of a kind playhouse. Contact Addie with questions at amerrick@mdbi.us or by phone at 301-946-2356


This pirate ship playhouse was the brain child of our president, David Merrick, and was constructed for the Rebuilding Hope Auction by Rebuilding Together Montgomery County. The entier Merrick team enjoyed volunteering together to bring it to life.  The coral pink ship features to custom Murals by local Kensington artist, Jason Swain, that really make the boat come to life. David showed off his carpentry skills on this project with all of the custom wood work. everything form the ships mast to the railing posts were hand made by him. However the real challenge of this project was getting the hull to curve. David decided to use donated Versatex  bead board to Lapp the sides.  the boards were strong yet pliable and have the added benefit of being rot resistant to ensure years of play. From the teal port holes and  an authentic ship wheel to the fluttering flags the denials of this ship are really striking. Pirates of all ages will have a grrrrreat time plundering their imaginations on this vessel.

To watch the Pirate Ship come together please enjoy these time lapse videos:


Click here for more information on the artist Jason Swain