Faye’s Kitchen

Project: Faye’s Kitchen

Bethesda, MD, Kitchen Remodel - $105,000

white kitchen
white kitchen
white kitchen
built in tv
white kitchen
siting room in kitchen

David Merrick

Faye and her husband work in the broadcasting business and are used to the latest and greatest. However in their beautiful Bethesda home their own kitchen was falling behind the times. They wanted to bring their kitchen up to date as well as incorporate some of their own personalities.

Merrick redesigned their kitchen to bring it up to par with the rest of their home. The kitchen already had good flow so all we had to do was give it some style. We upgraded it to include painted white maple cabinets and alternating counter tops of butcher block and Chatham Cambria quartz. The space also features a high end, GE double oven, and a stylish chimney hood. Since stainless steel is not for everyone, Faye decided to go with a white fridge and dishwasher that would blend in with the white cabinets.

While the traditional white kitchen would be enough on it’s own to freshen up this home we couldn’t forget about their personal flair. To accommodate their tech-savvy lifestyle¬†this traditional style galley kitchen has one major technological upgrade, not 1 but 2 flat screen TVs!

Faye and her Husband were thrilled with their re-freshed kitchen and have already had Merrick Home Repair team back to repair their back 3 story porch.