Mike’s Condo

Project: Mike’s Condo

NW Washington, DC, Kitchen/Bathroom/Additions & Renovation Remodel - $100,000

kitcehn range
open dining room
kitchen sink
galley kitcehn
Pantry area
Kitcehn range
pedestal sink
alcove shower
inlaid mosaic tile

Mike works at a foreign US embassy, and he conducts meetings from his home over Skype. So it was important that his condo accommodates work and home life.  His condo renovation required combining two units to have enough space for his family of four.

However, he wanted to be able to separate and rent the units during assignments abroad. The two things Mike wanted to focus on were the kitchen and the master bath.

Merrick worked around both Mike’s schedule and tight budget. The condo renovation delivered precisely the spaces he wanted. On top of that, our Home Repair Department¬†regularly services the units while they are rented out.

My family and I had an awesome experience with Merrick. We were looking to do a complex job of combining two condo units, including remodeling one and living in the other while the work was going on. The job required lots of planning and thinking through design, engineering and cost details to fit our desires to the building's reality and our budget. Merrick worked with us through several iterations of developing our plans, including several online conversations and joint design sessions while we were located outside the Washington area. The company's workers were fastidiously clean and detail-oriented. Their follow-up since the work was completed has been excellent. I have enthusiastically recommended them to friends and neighbors.
- Mike