Rich’s Garage Addition

Project: Rich’s Garage Addition

Silver Spring, MD, Bathroom/Additions & Renovation/Special Project - $400,000

garage addition
vintage car
sports car
vintage cars
large bedroom
master suite
handheld shower
double vanity
mast bath

Rich is an avid car collector and came to Merrick for a garage that could safely house his beloved vehicles. His original home did not include a garage large enough for his needs. Now Rich’s entire addition accommodates the 2 car garage below.

No detail as too small for this addition. We included an oversized drain at the end of the driveway along with a sump pump in the garage itself. The floor of the addition above was raised to allow for extra headroom in the garage.

Although the focus was on his new car showroom, the new master suite above is nothing to scoff at!  The bedroom features a cathedral ceiling and an office nook, for instance. Double doors open up into the master ensuite bath that features a masculine color palette with a pop of aqua to reflect Rich’s personality.

David Merrick also suggested stepping the project up another notch by adding a powder room for guests, which was not on Rich’s original wish list. Merrick’s team thought the powder room would be an asset to the home and eliminate the need for guests to enter the suite. He loves having it!

I had considered adding garage space to my house for over ten years and finally decided to move forward with the project after meeting David of Merrick Design and Build. I told him my two main requirements were to get as big a garage as I could on my property and that curb appeal was paramount. He worked with me through the design process and incorporated my desires into the designs. I am very pleased with the quality of work and attention to detail that shows in the finished addition. Oh, I forgot to mention, the project included a fabulous new master suite, driveway and what my neighbors call a garage terrace (granite look retaining walls with flower beds). The project took a bit longer than I expected, but well worth the wait.
- Rich