Kensington, MD

Like most towns outside of Washington, DC, Kensington is a convenient place to live for commuters. There is, however, much more to Kensington than its location to the District. Once a summer destination for people escaping the heat and humidity of our area’s summers, Kensignton was designed as an oasis. Today the town of Kensington boasts natural beauty, a vibrant shopping area, and a variety of events each year.

Our homes in Kensington can be new and historic, and can all benefit from updating at some point. If you are looking for remodeling in the Kensington, MD area, look no further than Merrick Design and Build.

Kitchen Remodeling

You know what you want in a kitchen. Modern kitchen design can offer efficiency, no matter what style a customer prefers. At Merrick Design and Build, we can make bring your dream kitchen to life. No matter the size, there are many options for you to choose from in a kitchen remodel in Kensington, MD. Your remodel could include one or more of the following:

  • Add an island
  • Update old cabinetry facing
  • Change to a more open floor plan
  • Include eating or seating areas
  • Improve the functionality of storage
  • Update flooring and tile

It can often be hard to decide where to start or what your the priorities in kitchen remodeling may be. Those are individual decisions. At Merrick, we work with you to focus on what you want your kitchen to be, what your budget is, and how to bring both together.

Bathroom Remodeling

A lot of houses have on room their owners would rather not discuss. That room is often the bathroom. A new bathroom remodel can transform a vital part of your home. Still, the thought of bathroom remodeling can strike terror into people’s hearts. How long will it take? How will we manage in a house with one less bathroom? And time? Homeowners want their remodel finished as soon as possible.

With all of those concerns in mind (and possibly even more), you need a professional team that can provide quality remodeling in Kensington, MD, within your budget, and within a time frame you want. If you are ready to add value, comfort, and efficiency to your home, call Merrick Design and Build to set up an appointment for a consultation.

Home Repair and Handyman Services

Merrick Design and Build can do more for you and your home than just remodeling projects. Why not give yourself a chance to enjoy your hard-earned weekends by having Merrick take care of those jobs that homeownership requires? We provide service for multiple tasks around the house: Wall repair, Fencing, Insulation, Weatherproofing, Roof Repair. If you have work you need to be done, call Merrick and reclaim your weekends.

Robert already had a large kitchen but wanted to open it up to create a family space. Hardwood floors, sleek tile, and modern cabinets completed the look.
The homeowners wanted a luxurious bath that reminded them of the beach. They also wanted a large stand in shower to replace their seldom-used soaker tub.
Once a tiny and dark kitchen, this updated open space more than doubled the counter space and storage. Tilt-out trays and two-tier drawers are easy ways to bring functionality to your kitchen.

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Are you ready to turn your house into your dream home? Merrick’s team of professionals is available to help you reclaim your home. We are locally owned and operated, with than 30 years of experience. We offer a 100% guarantee on all of our services. Call our Maryland office at 301-686-7323, or use our online contact form to send us a note.


Merrick Design & Build, Inc. has helped me renovate practically my entire house, both internally and externally, and I could not be more thrilled with the result. They have been true partners helping me implement my vision and actually improving on it. The process and construction were always smooth and when issues did arise, they resolved them quickly and effectively. They are true professionals and I do not hesitate to recommend them.

Alisha H.


We could not be happier with the workmanship and professionalism that Merrick devoted to our recent renovation. Their work is expensive, but we have found that the cost is definitely worthwhile. In the past, we’ve had very disappointing experiences with other contractors who cost less but made mistakes with great future cost consequences. Merrick, however, does the job right, with great care, and so it will last. We highly recommend Merrick for your renovation needs.



While Merrick hasn’t yet begun the work (it should commence in June of 2013) we wanted to write a review of the design process that we began a year ago with Lindsay. Lindsay is, with all sincerity, the sweetest, most honest, and most professional person we’ve ever encountered in the home improvement realm. We cannot imagine working with anyone else. In fact, my wife and I were so compelled to work with her we decided it would be a waste of time to get additional bids. Lindsay has, over the course of the design process, taken every one of our unusual requests with patience and consistently found a way to make them work in order achieve the effect we’re after. There was no curve ball she didn’t crush and no email she didn’t respond to and absorb. We’ve been blown away at her ability to track and integrate every single one of our off-handed requests and rapid-fire emails. She oozes a level of competence and attention to detail you just don’t expect to encounter these days. We strongly encourage anyone looking to work with a design-build firm to begin and end their search with Lindsay @ Merrick

Luke C.


Merrick completed a large renovation project for our split level home to include a new and larger first level with a new kitchen, dining room, family room with a stone fireplace and screened porch. The project went very smoothly from the design phase through completion of construction and was delivered prior to the date promised and within budget. We lived in the house during the construction with far less than expected disruption. Everyone in the construction crew was very professional, knowledgable and considerate of our needs and even went the extra mile to be sure our dog was not disrupted too much each day while we were at work. We received frequent updates on the status of the project from the foreman and always knew who to expect to be working at our house each day. The finished product exceeded our expectations in every way and we highly recommend Merrick Design Build .



Merrick Design Build is one of the best design build firms in the area. Their service is excellent as is their insallation work. I am proud to recommend them for any project in your home.

LindaRose P.


Merrick Design & Build, Inc have done 3 major jobs for me. 1. Finished my walkout basement as a gameroom, and bar with integrated sound system, high end job. Done by Mike Pirrone, who at that time was independent, but works for Merrick now and had previously. Completed in 2004 2. Designed and built a large screened in porch with skylights and wrap around outer deck, and large patio underneath. Designed and supervised by Mike Pirrone and Brian Eberhart. Completed in 2010. 3. Designed and built large stepped walled terrace to prevent erosion of yard that had been occurring for several years. Designed and supervised by Mike Pirrone. Completed in 2013. These jobs are all excellent and of high quality; we repeatedly get compliments from anyone that visits on all 3 jobs. Merrick does very good work, they are not inexpensive; but they do very high quality work with attention to detail that most people wouldn’t think of. I believe they have pictures of these jobs, and they are welcome to show them.

Henry M.


My family and I had an awesome experience with Merrick. We were looking to do a complex job of combining two condo units, including remodeling one and living in the other while the work was going on. The job required lots of planning and thinking through design, engineering and cost details to fit our desires to the building’s reality and our budget. Merrick worked with us through several iterations of developing our plans, including several online conversations and joint design sessions while we were located outside the Washington area. The company’s workers were fastidiously clean and detail-oriented. Their follow-up since the work was completed has been excellent. I have enthusiastically recommended them to friends and neighbors.

M. Hankey


I had considered adding garage space to my house for over ten years and finally decided to move forward with the project after meeting David of Merrick Design and Build. I told him my two main requirements were to get as big a garage as I could on my property and that curb appeal was paramount. He worked with me through the design process and incorporated my desires into the designs. I am very pleased with the quality of work and attention to detail that shows in the finished addition. Oh, I forgot to mention, the project included a fabulous new master suite, driveway and what my neighbors call a garage terrace (granite look retaining walls with flower beds). The project took a bit longer than I expected, but well worth the wait.

Ritchie D.


Merrick Design and Build turned our small kitchen that lacked function and style into a functional space that is beautifully designed. They removed a wall between the dining room and kitchen and reconfigured the kitchen from L-shape to u-shape. The end result is a kitchen that feels twice a big, very open, and has plenty of storage. The quality of craftsmanship is excellent. Thank you Merrick for our fabulous kitchen that exceeded our expectations!



I would highly recommend Merrick, based on our experience. From project start to finish, Merrick’s staff was responsive, thorough and conscientious. In particular, Merrick was highly attentive to our project’s budget and timeline, and kept the work on track despite a few change orders. The cost-estimates and billings were very transparent — I knew what I was paying for. I would be very comfortable hiring Merrick for another job or recommending the firm to friends and neighbors. I definitely believe that Merrick’s work added value to our home. I would also note that subsequent to the job, we have sought recommendations from Merrick for a few small projects around the house. In both instances, we have been highly impressed with the work of the contractors Merrick recommended.

Michael H.


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Owner Dave Merrick Answers Questions about Remodeling in Kensington, MD

What is involved in a Town of Kensington building permit?

We have extensive experience working with the Town of Kensington. Homes located within town limits require a town building permit in addition to a Montgomery County Permit. We take care of all the forms that are processing for you.

Do all homes in Kensington need to follow Historical Preservation Guidelines?

The short answer is No. The ones that do require special consideration and attention to detail. Any changes to the exterior are overseen by the Town of Kensington. If your project includes exterior changes to a Historical home we will handle the paperwork and historical hearings on your behalf.

What has been the most popular project in Kensington?

Most of Kensington was built in the 1950s or earlier. As a result remodeling bathrooms have always been one of the most popular projects in Kensington.

Image of Town Hall for Remodeling in Kensington MD

Did You Know?

Kensington was always designed to be beautiful? Kensington as we know it began as a summer retreat for Washingtonians in the late 1800s. It was designed as a “garden suburb” and named for Kensington Gardens in London.

We love Kensington!

Our owner, Dave Merrick, is a Kensington resident and knows how special this spot of Maryland is. That means you are more than clients, you are neighbors!

Ready to get started on your dream home? Call (301) 686-7378 today for remodeling in Kensington, MD!