Kensington, MD

Like most towns outside of Washington, DC, Kensington is a convenient place to live for commuters. There is, however, much more to Kensington than its location to the District. Once a summer destination for people escaping the heat and humidity of our area’s summers, Kensignton was designed as an oasis. Today the town of Kensington boasts natural beauty, a vibrant shopping area, and a variety of events each year.

Our homes in Kensington can be new and historic, and can all benefit from updating at some point. If you are looking for remodeling in the Kensington, MD area, look no further than Merrick Design and Build.

Kitchen Remodeling

You know what you want in a kitchen. Modern kitchen design can offer efficiency, no matter what style a customer prefers. At Merrick Design and Build, we can make bring your dream kitchen to life. No matter the size, there are many options for you to choose from in a kitchen remodel in Kensington, MD. Your remodel could include one or more of the following:

  • Add an island
  • Update old cabinetry facing
  • Change to a more open floor plan
  • Include eating or seating areas
  • Improve the functionality of storage
  • Update flooring and tile

It can often be hard to decide where to start or what your the priorities in kitchen remodeling may be. Those are individual decisions. At Merrick, we work with you to focus on what you want your kitchen to be, what your budget is, and how to bring both together.

Bathroom Remodeling

A lot of houses have on room their owners would rather not discuss. That room is often the bathroom. A new bathroom remodel can transform a vital part of your home. Still, the thought of bathroom remodeling can strike terror into people’s hearts. How long will it take? How will we manage in a house with one less bathroom? And time? Homeowners want their remodel finished as soon as possible.

With all of those concerns in mind (and possibly even more), you need a professional team that can provide quality remodeling in Kensington, MD, within your budget, and within a time frame you want. If you are ready to add value, comfort, and efficiency to your home, call Merrick Design and Build to set up an appointment for a consultation.

Home Repair and Handyman Services

Merrick Design and Build can do more for you and your home than just remodeling projects. Why not give yourself a chance to enjoy your hard-earned weekends by having Merrick take care of those jobs that homeownership requires? We provide service for multiple tasks around the house: Wall repair, Fencing, Insulation, Weatherproofing, Roof Repair. If you have work you need to be done, call Merrick and reclaim your weekends.

Robert already had a large kitchen but wanted to open it up to create a family space. Hardwood floors, sleek tile, and modern cabinets completed the look.
The homeowners wanted a luxurious bath that reminded them of the beach. They also wanted a large stand in shower to replace their seldom-used soaker tub.
Once a tiny and dark kitchen, this updated open space more than doubled the counter space and storage. Tilt-out trays and two-tier drawers are easy ways to bring functionality to your kitchen.

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Are you ready to turn your house into your dream home? Merrick’s team of professionals is available to help you reclaim your home. We are locally owned and operated, with than 30 years of experience. We offer a 100% guarantee on all of our services. Call our Maryland office at 301-686-7323, or use our online contact form to send us a note.


We just completed a master bath and walk-in closet renovation, as well as a basement rec room and laundry room renovation. Our house is an historic 130 year-old Victorian and both projects involved significant space reconfiguration that required design and structural problem solving. Merrick did a terrific job. Their staff and subs are outstanding; skilled, conscientious, flexible, and patient. They did their best to accommodate the realities of us living through the construction process, including being incredibly sweet to our son’s 110 lb puppy. Merrick’s budgeting and allowances were extremely accurate and included cost saving options that enabled us to come in slightly under budget (which never happens in home renovations!). This was our 5th renovation project over 35 years, the first with Merrick, and the quality of their work and business practices are really exceptional.

Kathy C.


Over the past several years Merrick Design & Build has done several projects to upgrade our 66 year old home. Most recently they completely remodeled our kitchen. We have always been extremely grateful for their assistance during the design phase and in this case help in choosing the best cabinetry and appliances for our needs and budget. Their carpentry crew and contractors were professional and kept to the schedule and met all deadlines. We have been extremely satisfied.

Andrea A.


After some discussion and time to reflect on our needs and preferences, Merrick was able, not only to address our needs, but also to do it in a creative manner, more than what we had even expected. Merrick captured our aspiration and transformed it into an innovative design. The project went smoothly and despite the surprises expected from an older house, it was completed on time and within budget. This was only possible thanks to Merrick dedicated and professional team.

Claire G.


MDBI designed and installed a new kitchen for me and I was so impressed because everything happened exactly on time, the worksite was kept meticulously clean, and the cost at the end matched the quote to the penny. I totally trusted all their staff, who were pleasant and responsive throughout. I’ve had them back to solve several other problems since and have been more than satisfied every time.

Valerie Y.


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Owner Dave Merrick Answers Questions about Remodeling in Kensington, MD

What is involved in a Town of Kensington building permit?

We have extensive experience working with the Town of Kensington. Homes located within town limits require a town building permit in addition to a Montgomery County Permit. We take care of all the forms that are processing for you.

Do all homes in Kensington need to follow Historical Preservation Guidelines?

The short answer is No. The ones that do require special consideration and attention to detail. Any changes to the exterior are overseen by the Town of Kensington. If your project includes exterior changes to a Historical home we will handle the paperwork and historical hearings on your behalf.

What has been the most popular project in Kensington?

Most of Kensington was built in the 1950s or earlier. As a result remodeling bathrooms have always been one of the most popular projects in Kensington.

Image of Town Hall for Remodeling in Kensington MD

Did You Know?

Kensington was always designed to be beautiful? Kensington as we know it began as a summer retreat for Washingtonians in the late 1800s. It was designed as a “garden suburb” and named for Kensington Gardens in London.

We love Kensington!

Our owner, Dave Merrick, is a Kensington resident and knows how special this spot of Maryland is. That means you are more than clients, you are neighbors!

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