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Smoke Detectors

Smoke detector requirements in Montgomery County specify that the detection units are:

– located in every bedroom,
– located in the hallways outside of bedrooms and on every floor, and
– hard wired and interconnected with each other.

Up until recently, the county required that, when work was done in one part of your home, the smoke detection systems in that area had to be checked (or installed) and up to code.

The county has now declared that any for permits issued for remodeling work inside your home, that all smoke detectors be up to code and working properly throughout your home.

This may sound like daunting task, but we can easily assist you with this and the new requirement will save more lives by making homes safer.

It’s also important to note that smoke detectors have a life span of about five years and that the “test” button on units may not be providing accurate information. Sometimes, the test button will work even if the unit is not functioning properly. Older smoke detectors can become filled with dust and encounter other problems.

Also, in addition to having the proper smoke detectors, we recommend having carbon monoxide detectors on each floor. They’re easy to install and also save lives.

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David Merrick

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