Andres Mittal

My Story

Prior to joining Merrick Design and Build in December 2017, Andres spent 12 years acquiring, developing and mastering trade skills both on site as well as in a classroom. He received his architectural education back home in Colombia prior to moving to the U.S. in 2004. Once here, he complemented his skills by working in the plumbing field as well as attending plumbing school. He spent two years laying out and installing accurate plumbing systems for new homes in Virginia. Being on the field and seeing how multimillion dollar homes get built from the ground up enhanced his understanding. From there Andres, worked his way back up Design ladder. Starting as a draftsman he worked his way up to a senior designer. He has learned that every component of a home has a place, serves a purpose and it must be accounted for.

 “Long lasting, respectful, detailed and purposeful residential architecture is the inevitable result of my passion to improve the quality of living of those live, own, rent, walk-in, sleep, play, cook, gather in a home. Let’s meet! and let’s build what is possible!” Andres Mittal

My Projects

Silver Spring Kitchen Remodel
Joe’s Kitchen
Silver Spring, MD