The Happy Marriage: Remodeling Process and Creativity

Choosing a Contractor

The word “process” has a bad rap. “Creativity,” on the other hand, sounds exciting and free. Yet, when bound together, these two efforts make a beautiful marriage.


They balance and support each other and make for smooth, yet exciting remodeling projects. Don’t we all long for that?


During the next several months, we’ll share our remodeling process and creative thoughts with you. Keep in mind that we’re not militant process people or untamed artists. But, for more than 25 years, we’ve seen how the right mix of process and creativity can yield outstanding remodeling results.


Let’s begin with the first step in the Merrick Design and Build Remodeling Process: Remodeling Ideas


During our first phone calls and meetings, we’ll have open discussions about your project and how it can come together. We will talk about what you are looking to accomplish and discuss a realistic range of costs. Then together, we will explore the possibilities of how we can make your remodel possible.


More specifically, we’ll talk about:

  • Your needs, wants and goals
  • Feasibility
  • Your desired investment in your project
  • A projected completion date
  • The process and creative ideas

Stay tuned for next month’s post that will include modern creative ideas for your remodeling projects.