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What is Deck Flashing?

Decking flashing is the barrier that prevents moisture from entering the house through the openings which are created when a deck is built. Flashing is a deck building material that’s affixed to the exterior of the home where the deck meets the house and comes in a variety materials including aluminum, stainless steel, copper and vinyl.

If a deck is not properly flashed, water penetrates into the house framing, which can result in severe mold, decay, and overall serious and expensive damage. To support the goal of keeping moisture out, it’s critical to ensure deck flashing runs the entire length of the ledger board (the ledger board extends from the house and is responsible for jointly sharing support of the deck’s joists along with the deck posts). As part of proper flashing installation, silicone caulking seals the end butt joints and any places where water might intrude.

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David Merrick

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