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Why Should Your Remodeler be a NARI Member?

When you hire a residential home improvement contractor, you’re “handing over the keys” to a sacred space – your home. You trust your contractor to enhance your surroundings and enjoyment of your largest asset. You also rely on their solid knowledge of building techniques, design trends and best practices.

Shouldn’t the contractors you invite into your home be up-to-date and informed industry leaders – over and above the expected requirement of being licensed, bonded and insured?

We are members of the National Association for the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Metro DC because this group represents a segment of the remodeling industry that work together to raise the standards for the projects they create, their business practices and the remodeling industry as a whole.

Before being accepted into NARI Metro DC, contractor members must be working in the remodeling industry for at least one year and pass a thorough screening and ethics review process. NARI also maintains a member-run review board to ensure consistency. Hiring a NARI Metro DC membership assures you that you have an experienced firm committed to high quality and high ethics.

Additionally, NARI is committed to educating trade professionals through a variety of formats including classroom, web and hands-on training, publications and various programs.

For the last decade, NARI’s certification programs have provided the remodeling industry with a formalized standard for expertise, knowledge and ethical conduct among professional remodelers. Prized by members who have achieved designations, NARI certifications also provide you assurance by recognizing remodelers who have undergone detailed review and testing in areas of business management, ethical conduct and technical skills.

Additionally, we and many other members of NARI Metro DC are EPA lead certified, with more obtaining their certification every day.

For more information about NARI and what it means to you as a consumer, call me today at (301) 946-2356.

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