Project Designer/Salesperson

Position Overview

As Designer/Salesperson you will be responsible for qualifying leads, meeting with prospective customers, assessing their needs, issuing Design Agreements, completing the initial investigations, Designing, and selling their projects. Our design projects range from complicated exterior renovations, whole home renovations and kitchens to simple cosmetic upgrades. You will need to provide production with a fully developed scope of work, be available to assist with problem resolution and check in with clients as called for during production. You are our representative to both the customer and the community at large. We get most of our work because of our reputation, and you are an important part of that reputation. Both the quality of your work and the appearance of your jobsite reflect on you and our company.

Work Experience Requirements

5 years related experience with a combination of design and sales experience.

Educational Requirements

Architecture or Structural Engineering Degree

Continued Education

Merrick strongly encourages personal growth and will provide access to classes, trade journals, trade shows and specialized training for all our team members. We require that all team members earn 1-4 CEU hours per year. Individual targets will be set annually based on educational and work experience. The goals of these class are too:

  • Stay on top of design trends.
  • Study and adapt to new construction methods and technologies.
  • Stay as current as possible on the codes that effect our work.

Required Skills, Knowledge & Abilities

  • Should be a creative, problem solver,
  • Experience with different CAD programs
    • Proficient in Chief Architect
  • Proficient in Microsoft
  • General rough and finish carpentry knowledge framing, structural elements, stairs, roofing, including trim, cabinetry, and interior finishes.
  • General knowledge of all related building trades.
  • Fluent English
  • Highly organized

Physical Requirements

This is an in-person position.

Professional Qualities


  • Challenges others to develop as leaders while serving as a role model and mentor.
  • Inspires coworkers to attain goals and pursue excellence.
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement and makes constructive suggestions for change.
  • Demonstrates strong ethics, through honest and dependable behaviors.


  • Consistently acknowledges and appreciates each team member’s contributions.
  • Effectively utilizes and works with each team member to his/her fullest potential.
  • Motivates team to work together in the most efficient manner.

Client Management/Relations

  • Develops lasting relationships with clients and fosters client ties.
  • Continually seeks opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen client relationships.
  • Helps to build a knowledge base of each client’s needs and physical property to maintain and access future needs.


All team members are responsible for effective communication between all members of the team.

  • Effectively communicate relevant project information to other team members.
  • Resolve issues in a timely fashion.
  • Understand how to communicate difficult/sensitive information tactfully.
  • Answer or respond to missed calls as quickly as possible during normal business hours.
  • Voice mailbox must remain empty to allow for messages.
  • Check and respond to texts within a couple of hours.
  • Check and respond to email & BuilderTrend messages within 1 business day.
  • Maintain OneNote Design Checklists to share job status and to dos, with team.

Duties & Responsibilities

Design Tasks:

  • Meet with the client to discuss options and brainstorm solutions and project budget.
  • Develop preliminary design concepts and review with client.
  • Collect feedback on design from the team through a Design Pin Up.
  • Develop complete set of construction documents including plans, elevations, cross sections, construction details, schedules, and specifications.
  • Identify the products required for each project and set realistic allowance amounts in place for each product. – How Early does this Happen
  • Assist the client in the selection of each required product keeping the budget in mind during the entire process. – Move to the DA, how early does this start?
  • Create the initial Mood board to set direction for the design finishes based off clients home and inspiration pictures.
  • Document client selections and prepare approval forms, prepare complete submittal review packages for each project. – DA

Sales Tasks:

  • Manage the sales process, qualify & track leads, and success.
  • Prepare and issue Design Agreements before starting any design work.
  • Establish a realistic project budget early in the design process and gain agreement from the client.
  • Prepare plans and scope of work, specifications, allowance, and product selections for the construction contract.
  • Present the contract and get it signed!
  • Prepare and issue customer requested Change Orders in a timely manner. Goal 2 business days.
  • Maintain a MHIC & DCRA sales license.

Production Tasks:

  • Deliver a complete packet ready to build to the production team. In advance of project start.
  • Be available to production for design/structure related questions.
  • Be available to client for consultation, ongoing product selection and requested Change Orders.
  • At a minimum participate in the following meetings with the client and production team:
    • Job Start Meeting
    • Electrical Box Walk through.
    • Take close in photos.
    • Tile layout
    • Owner Orientation

Marketing & Networking Tasks:

  • Establish and maintain your own lead generation network. With the goal to be selling 100% referral-based projects.
  • Always remind clients that reviews are the best compliment they can give us.
  • Supervise project photo shoots
  • Produce award packets for projects worth of entry.
  • Create 3D walk throughs and renderings of designs to share on the website and social media.
  • Conceive and publish up to 1 blog per month.


  • Schedule/run initial, in home, sales meeting.
  • Participate in others, Design pin up meetings.
  • Participate in weekly pipeline meeting.
  • One to ones weekly with the Design/Sales Manager.
  • Participate in quarterly company budget meetings.

Sales Goals:

$2,000,000    DB work sold.
$40,000    Design Fees generated.

Company Policies

Adhere to the following company policies:

  • Dress appropriately per the employee handbook.
  • Alcohol or Illegal Drugs. Absolutely no alcohol or illegal drugs may be used on the job or anywhere near the jobsite, even outside working hours. Such use of alcohol or illegal drugs will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Tobacco products are not allowed on job sites or company vehicles.
  • Weapons of any kind are not allowed on job sites or company vehicles.
  • It is strongly encouraged that employees maintain standard vaccinations such as tetanus, flu, and covid-19.

Company Benefits:

  • Health Care Coverage
  • Dental Plan
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Education
  • Vehicle Reimbursement
  • Cell Phone Reimbursement
  • 401 K (company match currently unavailable, but planned)

Measurement of Performance

  • With estimator ensure that jobs are sold at a minimum 36% Gross Profit.
  • Conversion ratio at or above 80%
  • Time in sales and time in design?
  • Regularly earns 5-star google reviews from customers.
  • Sustained customer satisfaction results as shown by Guild Quality. Metrics outlined below:
    • Trust 90%+
    • Knowledge & Expertise 80%+
    • Creative Solutions 80%+
    • Professional & Organized 75%+
    • Delivered Value 80%+
    • Likely to recommend.


$ 40,000/year base + 5% of Gross sales • To be paid out at a flat salary and reconciled quarterly based on performance. 50% of Design fees • To be paid as collected.

Work Hours

  • Standard work hours are 7-4
  • After hours and weekend sales calls are not expected.

Evaluation Requirements

Annual Performance Review

  • Consists of a review of this job-description, a detailed survey completed by the Designer/Salesperson in advance, and the setting of annual goals.

Quarterly Check In

  • Consists of a review of progress made in personal and professional goals along with a brief survey completed by the Estimator/Preproduction Coordinator in advance.

Annual Compensation Review

  • This review will be conducted independently and consists of a review of the measurements of performance, previous year’s goals, and the current salary.

Chain of Command

  • This position reports directly to the President.
  • This position works in partnership with the Production Manager, Estimator and Administrative teams.
  • The Design Assistant reports to the Senior Project Designer/Salesperson.

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