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Custom cabinetry, built to last.

Merrick Design-Build is proud to partner with Candlelight Cabinetry to provide you with the finest in home cabinetry. With expert construction techniques and unmatched quality hardware, Candlelight is the enlightened choice in fine cabinetry.
A letter from the owner

A Partnership of Quality: Why Candlelight Cabinetry Stands Out

I selected Candlelight Cabinetry as our cabinet line back in 2015. We had struggled to justify the expense of cabinets purchased through a third party vendor and knew, we would need to become direct dealers in order to provide the best value on cabinets to the homeowners we work with.

We choose Candlelight for their friendly local sales rep and were quickly impressed by the whole team. Candlelight’s wide offerings, dedication to quality, and company wide green practices align with my own vision to building lasting relationships with nice people.

Over the years we have experimented with a few different lines, to ensure we presenting the best product offering, and we have just kept coming back to Candlelight Cabinetry.

I trust their team and final product enough to put it next to my own name. I am pleased to be able to offer such an exceptional product to our homeowners.

With warm regards,

Why we love Candlelight Cabinetry

(and know you will too)

With over 90 door styles, 12 wood species, and countless finish options, Candlelight Cabinetry offers quality and style for every home.

Candlelight Cabinetry starts with select grade hardwood doors and drawers, and ends with a custom, quality finish. Every cabinet is built to last with premium quality construction through and through.

Every Candlelight cabinet is made with the utmost care, from hand-selecting wood for color and grain uniformity to meticulous hand-sanding, staining, and sealing.

Crafted in Buffalo, New York, with U.S. sourced materials, Candlelight Cabinetry minimizes waste by reclaiming overspray. In addition, their Tree Planting Program, started in 1990, has resulted in the planting of over 50,000 trees.

Get inspired. Browse our portfolio of remodels using Candlelight Cabinetry.

If you want the work done right the first time. Their work is top of the line. Very kind and easy to work with as well.

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