Judith’s Kitchen Addition


2015 NARI Metro DC CoTY Addition $100K-$250K Merit

Project Overview

In need of a larger kitchen, Judith contacted Merrick to build an addition. She wanted her Westgate home to have the charm of 1940s homes, but still feel fresh, and be bolstered with all the modern conveniences. This addition gave us space for a generous work triangle, an island, a small powder room, and even a cozy office area.

To accomplish the look and feel Judith desired, we removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room. The cabinets are a white Shaker with soapstone countertops, complimented by a Schooner-blue island with a maple countertop. White shelving with distressed metal corbels displays Judith’s collectibles.

No detail was overlooked: We used caged pendant lights, a farmhouse sink, a period-look stainless faucet, a paneled dishwasher, and tucked away microwave & exhaust to keep that vintage kitchen feel. And the cherry red, 1950s reproduction appliances take this kitchen to a whole new level.

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- Judith

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