Judith’s Basement


2017 NARI Metro DC CoTY Creative Solutions Under $15K Grand Prize

Project Overview

A Colorado transplant, Judith fell in love with the historic charm of her new Bethesda brick colonial upon arrival to the DMV area. Judith brought with her an eclectic style, with a touch of whimsy. She loves mixing old and new, adding in color, and ensuring functionality.

Like many homes in the area, the original basement of Judith’s home was partially unfinished. It had a mixture of unfinished paneling, exposed studs, and cinder blocks, with a tired drop ceiling, and mismatched flooring. Judith wanted the basement to become a guest-friendly, entertainment space, so she called Merrick before she had even finished unpacking from her move.

Judith wanted Merrick to keep as much of the raw character as possible, and turn the space into a movie room with a bar nook. The space also needed a powder room, although Judith loved the idea of making it an “outhouse” style bathroom. Merrick took Judith’s ideas and desired color palette, and enjoyed taking on the creative challenge.

Judith was so happy with her basement, she called on us for her kitchen too.

After some discussion and time to reflect on our needs and preferences, Merrick was able, not only to address our needs, but also to do it in a creative manner, more than what we had even expected. Merrick captured our aspiration and transformed it into an innovative design.

- Claire

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