Sandy’s Addition


2016 NARI Metro DC CoTY Interior Element Under $30K Merit
2016 NARI Metro DC CoTY Addition $100K-$250K Merit

Project Overview

Sandy and her family were feeling cramped in their traditional Silver Spring brick colonial. They loved their home but needed more space to gather as a family. They came to Merrick for a living room addition, and their wish list was far from basic.

Sandy wanted to incorporate dramatic design details that would create a “Wow” moment. Reclaimed wood beams, a stone fireplace, and cathedral ceiling heights give the room a ski lodge-style feel that is bound to impress.

Cast iron details add even more charm to the beams and elevate the lodge-style feel. Sandy’s bold colors make the space feel youthful and fresh. They provide an unexpected twist to the rustic feel that is sure to delight, just the way Merrick was delighted to be a part of Sandy’s addition.

From vision to completion, every step of the process is done with an attention to making sure the final product is perfect. And yes, there are going to be hiccups along the way — what renovation doesn't have them? But having a partner who knows how to address them is what makes Merrick a true five-star remodeler.

- Beth

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