Navigating the DIY Hype

Tackling a remodel is daunting and can be even more overwhelming if you decide to take on elements of the project on your own. Make sure to weigh the highs and lows of any DIY projects you are thinking of undertaking.

A Designer’s Thoughts on HGTV

Lately I have seen several articles referencing questionable practices/budgets on Home Remodeling reality shows. I used to be obsessed with watching them. I love what I do and love seeing other people’s work. This past weekend I spent some time flipping through my old favorites, but I found the longer I watched the more agitated I became. One show in particular had me screaming at my TV.

Making Sense of the 3 “F’s” of Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking into a kitchen remodel you may have done one of two things; scanned through ideas on the internet or visited a cabinet showroom. More than likely you have encountered fancy terms that are challenging to comprehend. Who has ever heard of a European overlay anyway? Show rooms and descriptive design ideas can be intimidating, even for the trained eye, and can often be overwhelming.

5 Things HGTV Does NOT Tell You

HGTV is a great source of inspiration for the remodeling industry. Their shows are full of creative design ideas and unique uses for repurposed items. What they do a poor job of is representing the true costs of a remodel. Their “budgets” leave out important expenses that cannot be avoided when undertaking a remodeling project in the real world.