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Breaking down HGTVs budgets and comparing them to what things cost in the real world. HGTV is a great source of inspiration for the remodeling industry. Their shows are full of creative design ideas and unique uses for repurposed items. What they do a poor job of is representing the true costs of a remodel….read more

4 Important Considerations When Choosing A New Bathroom Vanity   From utilitarian to ornate, many types of bathroom vanities run the gamut — and the only rule to remember is that your choice should reflect your style. If you want to mix high tech with traditional, or sleek contemporary with rustic, it’s perfectly acceptable. In fact,…read more

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“Lately I have seen several articles referencing questionable practices/budgets on Home Remodeling reality shows. I used to be obsessed with watching them. I love what I do and love seeing other people’s work. This past weekend I spent some time flipping through my old favorites, but I found the longer I watched the more agitated…read more

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You love your home. Your kids love your home. Everyone loves your home. Yet, as your kids grow, your extended family grows, more friends visit and holiday meals become tighter, you need to create more space – and may need to do it within your home’s existing footprint. For most of our clients, not only…read more

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Bathrooms will be one of the most popular remodeling projects in 2016 and we at Merrick Design and Build anticipate a few key bathroom trends will dominate the scene in 2016. Take a look and find the perfect trends to incorporate in your upcoming remodel. The Color Gray The color gray is the new trend…read more

When it comes to roofs, many homeowners do not have a clear understanding of one of the most important aspects of their home. Does this sound like you? To assist, our friends in at Severe Weather Roofing, In Denver, CO, have created an info-graphic to help completely demystify your roof. Your home’s value and strength are based on the sum…read more

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The NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) has just published their predictions for the “Top 10 Kitchen trends” of 2016. They have based their predictions on popular trends from 2015 that they think will continue to increase in popularity over the upcoming year. Here at Merrick we have found that most of these trends are right…read more


The word “process” has a bad rap. “Creativity,” on the other hand, sounds exciting and free. Yet, when bound together, these two efforts make a beautiful marriage.   They balance and support each other and make for smooth, yet exciting remodeling projects. Don’t we all long for that?   During the next several months, we’ll…read more

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Does that sound like your kitchen? Then ask yourself these questions to redesign a Beautifully Wonderful and Delightful Kitchen for the next Holiday Season. Although your kitchen made it through Thanksgiving, it’s time for those Hanukkah Latkes, followed by the Christmas Goose, Kwanzaa Mazoa, and many more of your family’s traditional holiday favorites.  It seems…read more

Refined ultra-luxurious bathroom with intricate detailing.

Follow these simple 9 steps to an easy worry free bath remodel Find your Design Style What do you want your new bathroom to look like, traditional or more contemporary? What specific elements do you like, mosaic tile, antique brass fixtures, or maybe a free standing vanity? Creating an idea book on (free membership) is…read more